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Gourmet Pretzel Rods - Bulk Order

Gourmet Pretzel Rods - Bulk Order

Salty Pretzel Rods dipped in homemade soft, buttery caramel, and coated in Belgian Chocolate.


Full batch Minimum makes:

3 10-piece boxes, OR

2 15-piece boxes 


Chocolate and Toppings can be customized to suit your needs or event. 


*Photos display the Mother's Day Pretzel Rods*

*Smaller quantities available periodically throughout the year based on holiday themes. Feel free to email to inquire about smaller quantities*






    Pretzel Rods (unbleached enriched wheat flour, malt, salt, soybean oil), homemade caramel (brown sugar, heavy cream, light corn syrup, butter, vanilla, kosher salt), belgian white, milk & dark chocolate, ruby chocolate, skor bits


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